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Baby Monitors Available Here

Baby Bounce is a provider of all things relating to new bundles of joy throughout Australia. We have thousands of products for babies including clothing, toys, and safety products, including our extensive collection baby monitors. We have state of the art monitors available for purchase from the world’s leading brands in childcare safety. Baby monitors are a vital piece of equipment for not only ensuring that your little bub is sleeping safe and sound, but also to ensure that they are safe and comfortable sleeping alone.

Feel free to browse our wide collection of baby monitors, and get in touch with the team at Baby Bounce for more information on which is the right monitor for you and your home.

Why it’s important to have a baby monitor at your home

There are many reasons why baby monitors are an important piece of technology for ensuring the safety and comfort of your new bub in the nursery. Reasons why baby monitors are great for you and your newborn include:

  • Security – when babies are in the nursery and awake from sleep, they occasionally might fall over, potentially bumping their little heads. Baby monitors help parents keep on top of these minor falls and understand the reasons why the bub might be crying at night. They also act just as effectively as surveillance cameras in the event of a break in, and will alert the parent if a burglary is taking place.
  • You can see if your child is standing or lying down – one of the main beliefs surrounding a baby’s comfort in the crib is whether or not the bub is standing or lying down. If the baby is lying down it has the opportunity to soothe itself back to sleep, as many experts believe. But if the little bubba is standing up it is often a good idea to go to the nursery and provide comfort for him/her.
  • Save sleep – you can save sleep for yourself because with a baby monitor you may only need to be awakened when it is absolutely necessary, thus allowing more time for sleep.