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Oricom Babysense 2 + SC55 Digital Audio Monitor
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Registered as a medical device

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Two Oricom products in one value pack


Babysense 2

Because you can’t watch over your baby around the clock, sleep with greaterpeace of mind while Babysense2 monitors the breathing movement rate ofyour sleeping baby. Should these breathing movements fall belowa certain rate or not be detected, Babysense2will alert you audibly and visually. Enjoy therestful reassurance that comes with knowingshould your baby need you, you’ll be alertedimmediately.

* Babysense2 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG No. 97479)
* Continually monitors the breathing movement rate of your baby
* An audible alarm is activated if your baby’s breathing movement slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds
* The control unit connects to sensor pads placed under your baby’s mattress

Babysense2 is intended for use as an Infant Apnoea Alarm. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND USER GUIDE, USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. 

SC55 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

* The Oricom SC55 ensures peace of mind and careful remote monitoring of your bub.
* 2.4GHz FHSS digital transmission provides crystal clear sound and zero interference to ensure you’re the only one listening to your baby.
* Fully portable
* Paging function
* Out of range/battery low warning
* Parent Unit – Includes charger and rechargeable batteries
* Belt clip included on parent unit