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Love N Care Classic Package

Regular Price: $1,298.00

Special Price $849.00

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Love n Care Lucca Chest White

Regular Price: $699.00

Special Price $594.00

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Love N Care Sereno Cot + Innerspring Mattress

Regular Price: $498.00

Special Price $298.00

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Tasman Eco Dante Package

Regular Price: $1,399.00

Special Price $849.00

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4 Item(s)

Pick Up an Amazing Baby Furniture Package Today

Expanding your family and having a child is an extremely exciting time for anyone. Of course, your family themselves are the primary focus and source of that energy, but you might also be moving house or renovating to create more space, planning a new future, and of course baby shopping. New children require all new toys, clothes, appliances, and furniture to prepare for their joyous arrival and to keep them comfortable as they grow. To save you new or expecting parents who find themselves suddenly searching for several rooms worth of matching fixtures, Baby Bounce, as Australia’s premier nursery and childhood retailer, are offering baby furniture packages at excellent prices to save your straining budgets.

Baby furniture packages save money on drawers, cots, toy chests and more

It can take a surprising amount of furniture pieces to fit out a new nursery, bedroom, or play area for your children. Beds and cots are obvious, changing tables nearly as essential. Storage for their toys, clothes, accessories and more comes in the form of chests, drawers, bookshelves, and cupboards. Create a cohesive look you and your children will love without breaking the bank, by picking up a baby furniture package from our online store or any one of our 16 Baby Bounce locations.