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NUK 9pc Breast feeding Starter Set
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Quick Overview

  • 1x NUK Luna Single Electric Breast Pump

  • 2x NUK My Love Collection Bottles, 250ml, silicone First Choice+ teats, 0-6months, Medium Flow

  • 1x NUK First Choice+ teat, 0-6months, Small Flow

  • 25x NUK Breast Milk Bags 180ml

  • 30x NUK Nipple Wipes

  • 4x NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads

  • 4x NUK Washable Breast Pads

  • 1x NUK Nipple Shields, size medium

  • 1x NUK Genius Soother, silicone, 0-6months

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NUK Breastfeeding Starter Set – Everything you need to get started with breastfeeding.

The NUK Breastfeeding Starter Set contains everything you need to begin breastfeeding your baby, for the most nutritious start in life. For many decades, mothers throughout the world have been putting their trust in NUK’s high-quality baby products, which help and promote the healthy overall development of children right from the start.

NUK Luna Single Electric Breast Pump

The NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump is particularly efficient and comfortable and features a super soft silicone cushion, textured for a pleasant massaging sensation and perfectly moulds to the breast.

This pump offers an advanced 2 phase rhythm which simulates a baby's natural suction when breastfeeding.

This compact unit has few parts, can be mains or battery operated and is easy to clean and assemble.

My Love Bottles

Featuring a classic narrow bottle shape and a wide neck opening, the bottles are easy to handle, can be held firmly and can save space when stored away. The wide bottle neck means the bottle can be used with the NUK First Choice+ Teat. The wide bottle neck makes it extremely easy to fill the bottles without a mess and to clean them thoroughly as well.

NUK My Love Bottles are made of high-quality polypropylene that is particularly resistant and is also suitable for freezing.

NUK First Choice+ Teat – the most natural teat for your baby

The NUK First Choice+ Teat lets your baby drink in a relaxed and natural way, almost like breastfeeding. The teat, which is right for the jaw, has a flexible, extra-soft zone and an improved Anti-Colic Air System. It is particularly well-accepted by babies and is especially well suited too, if you would like to bottle and breastfeed together.

The ideal size for your newborn, the 0-6month small flow teat is suitable for thin liquids such as breast milk and is the slowest flow available. For a faster flow or for slightly thicker feeds such as milk formula, the 0-6months medium flow can be used.

Breast Milk Bags

Store breast milk in the NUK Breast Milk Bags in the fridge or freezer until required. Space-saving and hygienic, these pre-sterilised breast milk bags have a capacity of 180ml and are suitable for immediate use – just pour directly into the bottle. The double fastening keeps the valuable milk safely in the bag, which is made from BPA-free synthetic material.

Nipple Wipes

Avoid cracked sore nipple by cleansing the skin after breastfeeding with NUK Nipple Wipes. Safe for nursing, these wipes are chemical free, 100% cotton and purified with water.

Ultra Dry Breast Pads

The NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads feature an extremely absorbent core that soaks up moisture and transforms it into a stable gel-like substance, keeping the pad drier for longer. Ultra-thin and extra wide, the pad contours perfectly to the breast for a discreet appearance. Super soft on the inside with an adhesive strip on the outside, the NUK Ultra Dry Nursing Pads are individually wrapped for hygienic and convenient use.

Washable Breast Pads

Perfect for home use, the NUK Washable Breast Pads are soft, absorbent and machine washable for multiple use. 

2 x Nipple Shields, size Medium

Sometimes breastfeeding can cause nipples to become sore or particularly sensitive. For such cases, to protect the nipples during breastfeeding, NUK has specially developed nipple shields to make this time as pleasant as possible.  One of their distinguishing features is the wafer-thin silicone that ensures flexible comfort. Their unique triangular shape gives optimal skin contact between mother and child and keeps the natural breastfeeding feel. They have three holes and soft studs to gently encourage the milk flow and, as NUK Nipple Shields come in a practical box, it is easy to keep them hygienic and safe.

NUK Genius Soother

The NUK Genius Soother is more than just a new soother: it is an innovation. Together with the orthodontic practitioner, Dr med. dent. Hubertus von Treuenfels, and based on the latest medical and technical findings, a new soother has been successfully developed, which not only sooths, but also makes an important contribution to healthy all-round development. The shape of the teat is based on the tried and tested NUK Shape that is right for the jaw. In the NUK Genius, the shape of the baglet has been further optimised, to reduce the pressure on the teeth and jaws to a minimum. Made from high-quality synthetic material the clear silicone is easy to clean and is particularly heat-resistant. It can be boiled, is free from harmful substances, odourless, transparent and has a smooth surface – all qualities that are important for a soother.