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Medela Manual Breast Pump
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Quick Overview

Ergonomic manual breast pump with 2 Phase Expression. Suitable for occasional use.

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The Medela Harmony Breast Pump is the first and only manual pump with 2-Phase Expression technology – a dual pumping pattern that comes closer than ever to the way a baby naturally breastfeeds. The first phase, called the stimulation phase, mimics a baby’s initial rapid, shallow sucking that encourages fast let-down. The second phase, the expression phase, simulates a baby’s more relaxed, deeper sucking that promotes efficient milk removal.

Designed to provide you gentle comfort while pumping, the Harmony has a contoured swivel handle, allowing you to ergonomically position your hand and the pump more easily and comfortably on each breast.

* Efficient single manual breast pump
* Ideal for mums who need to express occasionally
* More milk in less time with 2-Phase Expression technology
* Ergonomic design
* Small, lightweight and portable
* Easy to use, clean and assemble
* Fewer parts than other manual breast pumps
* Includes two breastshield types and spare membrane
* All parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA Free

1 x Soft Fit Breastshield
1 x Personal Fit Breastshield
1 x 2 Component Connector
1 x Breast Milk Bottle – 150ml
1 x Teat Insert Lid with Disc
1 x Bottle Cap
1 x Bottle Stand
1 x Handle
1 x Diaphragm Stem & O Ring
1 x Valve
2 x Membrane
1 x Instruction Manual.

Note teat is not included.