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Britax Safe N Sound Tourer Booster Seat - Buff Black
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Quick Overview

Lightweight untethered booster suitable from 4 years to 8-10 years.

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Age:4 years to 8 to 10 years (approx.)

Suitable for older children. Use your Booster Seat with either a lap/sash car seat belt or child harness for improved torso support and safety.

The new Britax Safe-n-Sound Tourer offers the perfect portable solution for parents who need to swap their car seat in and out of various vehicles, or for grandparents and minders who want a lightweight, easy to install solution that is simple to remove from their car when not in use.  Designed and made in Australia for the Australian market, the Tourer has the safety features you’d expect from Britax Safe-n-Sound while still weighing under 2kg.


* Revolutionary Contoured Design. A lightweight untethered booster designed to correctly position the child in the seat whilst providing optimum protection

* SLIDEGUARD Clip™. Prevents the car seat belt from rising up in everyday use reducing risk of life threatening abdominal injuries in event of a crash

* Impact absorbing seat base. Provides a comfortable and safe seating position by absorbing the forces generated in the event of a crash.

* Tourer has been designed with rear impact bars which provides structural support and protection to the neck.

* Maximum growth height markers positioned to accommodate more children for longer

* A lightweight untethered booster for hassle free portability between vehicles

* Australian Design to correctly and comfortably position children in the seat whilst providing optimum protection

* Deep headrest provides optimised head protection

* Impact absorbing base provides a comfortable and safe while still lighweight solution 

* Rear impact bars add visible, valuable strength adding protection to the neck in rear impact collisions

* Switchable sash guide assists in correctly positioning the car sash seat belt

* Compatible with the Safe-n-Sound Protecta Plus harness (product # 0121)

* Designed and Made in Australia

Product Weight: 1.83 kg (approx.)
Product dimension: H: 750mm D: 330mm W: 455mm