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Super-Fun Activity Centres for Babies

Baby Bounce is an Australian company dedicated to provide expecting parents with everything they need for caring for their newborn bundle of joy. From fun and exciting toys and games to safety products such as bed rails and first aid, you will find Baby Bounce to be your go-to for all the products you need for looking after your newest addition to the family. We have a collection of super-fun and exciting baby activity centres, perfect for helping create your bubba’s creative side. Our activity centres come in a range of different themes including world explorer (complete with toy planes and animals) and barnyard (complete with farm animals and a barn house). 

Feel free to browse our collection of activity centres and get in contact with the team of baby lovers at Baby Bounce to find out more about these fun toys for your precious little newborn.

How do activity centres work?

Activity centres are a perfect place for little bubs to play for their variety and enjoyment factor. Activity centres consist of a comfortable seat for baby to sit whilst being surrounded by plenty of fun toys and educational activities to keep the bub occupied. For example, the Evenflo Exersaucer World Explorer centre comes with a story book which features 36 different sounds and four languages across 12 pages, an electronic pull down bar which features helicopter and hot air balloon toys that light up and make sounds. 

They are perfect for babies to use for enjoyment whilst expanding on their knowledge and learning to be creative from an early age. Baby Bounce is a proud provider of these awesome activity centres, give us a call on +61 2 9659 4621 if you have any further questions on these awesome places to play.